Frequently Asked Questions

How and why was Heaven to Earth Rescue Started?

About seventeen years ago, while working in the Amish community, we became aware of the puppy over population problem. We also learned that there were people coming in to the area to get the puppies and use them as fight bait and other negative situations. We decided to try and put a stop to the situation. We talked to law enforcement and they were aware of the situation but were focused on stopping the fights and other activities; and how they were getting the puppies was not illegal. So we started to get the puppies, I went to school to become a Veterinary Technician, and started finding them homes so that there would not be as many for the other guys to put in bad situations. We have been very blessed to have met hundreds of loving families over the years and to have helped so many puppies find their forever home.

Where do your puppies come from?

Most of our puppies come from Amish farms in the area. Traditionally, Amish farmers do not believe in spaying or neutering their dogs because they believe that process hampers the dog’s ability to be a “working” animal, or for religious reasons. As a result, farmers often have “accidental” litters of puppies they do not wish to keep. Unfortunately, there are individuals who prey on this situation and buy the puppies for dog fighting or other purposes. We try to intervene and obtain the puppies before they’re sold into an abusive situation, that the farmers are not aware of.  Some farmers are not aware that there are other options to find the puppies homes instead of destroying them.  That is why we place ads in their local papers to help guide them.

Do your puppies have special needs because of where they come from?

As the comments on our Facebook page will testify, most of our puppies become loving animals when they’re taken into a nurturing home. Sometimes, they may adjust more slowly to their new environment. We do as much as possible to provide a loving environment for each of our puppies until they’re adopted and are careful to make sure our adoptive parents will provide a similarly loving home.

What does your adoption fee cover?

Our adoption fee covers spay and neutering, routine medical care, bringing them up to date on their puppy shots, food and all the customary things you would associate with the care of a puppy (toys, bedding, shampoos, brushes, treats, etc.). Part of the fee also covers the cost to maintain our shelter and reimburse administrative costs like gasoline for our car, phone bills, office supplies, etc.

Who provides care for your puppies?

Joseph Feldman, Co-Founder of From Heaven To Earth, is a Registered Veterinary Technician and oversees the care of the puppies at the foster areas. Spay/Neuter services are provided by East Holmes Veterinary Clinic. East Holmes also provides specialized care when needed.

What happens to the puppies that aren’t adopted?

We are very fortunate that at this time all of our puppies get adopted. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right home and they always have a place with us until they do.

Do you accept volunteers at your shelter?

Absolutely! Please contact us at 330-465-1140 to begin the application process.

How is Heaven to Earth different from a regular animal shelter?

Heaven to Earth has a special mission to rescue unwanted puppies, primarily as the result of unwanted breeding. We do not accept adult dogs and we do not accept cats or kittens. However, we believe our objectives are the same as those of other good animal shelters: to find loving homes for unwanted animals and to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

Do you accept donations?

Yes. Please send contributions to:

From Heaven to Earth Rescue
3616 Williams Lake Rd
New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

Or click the Paypal “Donate” button at the top of the page to donate securely online.