The Corgi/Norwegian Elkhound Mix

Published: Mar 15, 2024
Author: Joseph Feldman
Daisy, a Corgi Norwegian Elkhound Mix puppy

Daisy, Corgi Norwegian Elkhound Mix

When two or more breeds get mixed, you get a mixed breed with many of the good qualities of both. At the same time, many health concerns are eliminated. According to an article on PetMD, Corgis and Norwegian Elkhounds are often born with a lower chance of congenital diseases. Let’s explore some of these characteristics.


The Corgi is known for being loyal and affectionate. They were originally bred for herding cattle. The name means “Dwarf Dog” and is medium-sized with a long body and short legs. They are generally 25-40 pounds and live 12-15 years.

Training and socialization

Corgis are known to be adaptable and easy to train. They can be fearless, bold, and determined. They love attention and do well in social settings. Corgis are athletic dogs that do well with agility training. They also do well with long walks or slow jogs. Their short legs do not suit them well for long distances.

Health and care

Purebred Corgis do have some health concerns, the main one being obesity. It is very important to manage their weight with diet and exercise. Otherwise, they can develop hip dysplasia and spine issues. In addition to diet and exercise, Corgis need good daily brushing to control shedding, and they shed significantly twice a year.

Norwegian Elkhound

The Elkhound is also an affectionate and loyal breed that dates back to the Vikings. In Norway, it was used to hunt elk, moose, and bears. The Elkhound is a medium-sized dog, usually 45-60 pounds, and lives 12-15 years.

Training and Socialization

This breed is known for being hunters, which makes them independent. While this shows that they are intelligent and can learn, they can get distracted by the repetition of training. They are very good at agility. They are affectionate and loyal to their family. They can be wary of strangers at first. They are also good with children, especially their family. It is best to supervise new kids until they are familiar with each other.

Rocco, a Healthy Norwegian Elkhound Corgi Mix Puppy

Rocco, Corgi Norwegian Elkhoun mix

Health and care

Norwegian Elkhounds have a double coat, which means that they shed. This can be controlled with daily brushing. Like the Corgi, they shed two significant amounts a year. Their weight should be controlled with diet and exercise.


You can get a tremendous mixed breed with a Corgi/Elkhound mix. These dogs are loyal and affectionate, making them fun to play with or hang out with around the house.

 They may have a long body and short legs or more of a typical Elkhound look. A genetic mix makes them less likely to develop congenital or other health issues.











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